Short-Term Scholars must:

  • Be a professor or research scholar or someone with similar education and or experience.


Educational enrichment: Participants collaborate on special research projects, teach a semester at a college or university, or lecture, consult or observe in a variety of settings in education and research in the United States.

More information

  • The maximum duration of stay is six months;
  • No program extension will be considered; and
  • No change of category will be considered.

Early Career STEM Research Initiative

This research initiative seeks to support an increase in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students, professionals, and exchange visitors on educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States.

Program Sponsors

Sponsors are required to:

  • Screen and select qualified foreign nationals to carry out exchange initiatives;
  • Monitor the visitor’s stay while in the United States and assist with any issues that may occur;
  • Ensure that the foreign national is successfully carrying out the responsibilities for which entry to the United States was granted;
  • Ensure that exchange visitors are involved in cross-cultural programs where they can learn about the United States and its people;
  • Maintain SEVIS records;
  • Ensure that the exchange participants and his/her dependents, if any, are covered by health insurance; and
  • Ensure that exchange visitors have sufficient finances to participate in the program and to support their spouse and dependents, if any.