Image of Anna Karlsson

After studying tourism and marketing in her native Sweden, Anna Karlsson was eager for a chance to broaden her experience. She found just such an opportunity when she came to New York City to spend a year as a trainee in the office of VisitSweden.

“After three years of studying tourism and marketing, I wanted to develop my skills in these subjects by practice. Since VisitSweden is the marketing and communications company for Sweden, I felt being a trainee would be perfect for me,” she said, adding: “I have always wanted to visit New York, so the opportunity to live there while working as a trainee felt like a dream opportunity.”

As a trainee at VisitSweden, Anna has been encouraged to participate in a variety of tasks, from writing a newsletter to helping set up a sweepstakes event. “I’m learning new things every day at the office and my hopes are that after this year I’ll have learned even more that I can apply to my future career,” she said.

She encourages anyone interested in gaining more real-world experience to consider becoming a trainee.

“I have not met any trainee who regrets going to the United States,” she added. “It really is a wonderful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. To be a here is a great opportunity to develop both in your career and personally. You can create a great network here for friendships and also for business.”